Why were older cars more reliable?

Because older cars were simply built, there was no need to charge a large amount of money for them. Not only that, but older cars are also easier to maintain and spare parts (depending on the model) are widely available and interchangeable. According to the scores, newer cars are inherently more reliable than older cars. Of course, that doesn't automatically improve new cars, but it does improve the driving experience.

Kia, in particular, improved the most. One of the reasons for the decline in car maintenance among modern cars is the advent of the on-board computer. The decline in car maintenance costs also shows that modern cars are becoming less and less of a problem. You can understand why classic car enthusiasts believe that older cars are more reliable than newer models.

According to Leland-West Insurance, most older cars didn't offer useful features, such as anti-lock or traction control, but offered a more “practical” driving experience. There is a little known divide in American culture, a divide between people who consider cars manufactured in the past to be the most reliable and those who consider today's modern cars to be the least problematic to drive.