What is the phone number for geico auto insurance michigan?

There are no GEICO agents in the state and GEICO will not provide online or telephone quotes to Michigan residents. Aside from that, the best way to reduce your car insurance costs is to compare the rates of at least three insurance companies. You can face multiple penalties if you're caught driving without at least the minimum car insurance required in Michigan. There are several unique reasons why car insurance is also increasing every year in Michigan, even if your details remain the same.

For a complete list of Michigan auto insurance companies, you can visit the official site of the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services. There are more than 50 auto insurers that sell policies to Michigan drivers, including all popular domestic auto insurance companies. You can demonstrate your financial responsibility by maintaining minimal car insurance with no gaps in coverage. Auto insurance in Michigan is expensive because it's a no-fault state with high insurance coverage requirements.

But the main reason Michigan drivers pay more for car insurance than anyone else in the country is that it's the only state with unlimited insurance. Michigan's insurance laws are unique, as it is the only state that requires property protection insurance (PPI). It usually takes about a month for GEICO to verify everything and provide a quote, according to GEICO's customer service.