How does the claims process work with progressive car insurance in flint, michigan?

You can file a claim through our mobile app, online, or by calling 1-800-776-4737. We just need your basic information to get started. We can discuss the available options offered by Progressive Auto Insurance so that you can understand future benefits and the money and coverage you could be unknowingly giving up. While the payment was meant to compensate you for the costs of repairing the car, your insurer doesn't require you to repair your vehicle. Don't expect the at-fault driver to contact your insurance company; it's up to you to report the accident to the other driver's insurance company.

You can also tell your own insurance company about the accident in case you need to file a claim against your own policy because the at-fault driver had no insurance, was underinsured, or was denied liability by your insurance company. Progressive, more than any other auto insurance company in the state, has become extremely aggressive and greedy in trying to bring these policyholders and plaintiffs together to give up their future rights. Through subrogation, your insurance company can now try to recover the payment you made to the insurer that originally denied fault. Car insurance is a rare product that you buy in the hope of never using it, but if you're involved in an accident or your vehicle is damaged, you may need to file a claim.

Undoubtedly, her supervisor and the top management of Progressive encouraged the progressive adjuster who put the money in my client's hands to do so. If you have rental vehicle reimbursement coverage under your own policy, you will have coverage for a rental car regardless of fault, within the limits of your policy. If you are not insured by Progressive or are a Progressive customer without logging in to your account, you can report or view an existing claim here. Understanding how the claims process works, including reporting an accident, working with an insurance adjuster and repairing your car, if necessary, can make filing a claim easier and less stressful.

But when Progressive is the company responsible for paying Michigan's no-fault benefits related to car accident injuries, such as medical bills, lost wages and prescriptions, outstanding coverage and support simply don't exist. For example, if you have reimbursement coverage for a rental vehicle, you may be entitled to a rental vehicle while it's being repaired. The group offers insurance coverage to motorists of all types, including motorcyclists and operators of boats, motorhomes and commercial vehicles, and even offers home insurance policies. In certain situations, your insurance company has the legal right to “subrogate,” meaning that it can ask the at-fault third party for reimbursement for an insurance loss.