Are there any special offers available for multiple-car policies in warren?

Yes, you can get a multi-car discount if you have more than one vehicle on your Progressive auto insurance policy. Just add any vehicle that belongs to your spouse, family member or roommate to your policy and you'll receive the discount for several vehicles as long as the car is mainly stored in your home. Some auto insurance companies in Warren, MI may offer discounts or other savings options for car insurance for seniors. We surveyed nine of the major insurance companies and found that they all offered discounts when insuring multiple cars.

A multi-car insurance policy may be beneficial in situations where adult children have moved home to save money; consolidating policies rather than having each adult pay for a different insurance plan is an effective way to reduce costs. However, buying a new car is a good time to look for several quotes from car insurance companies, as they are constantly changing the way they evaluate rates and your current company may not offer the lowest price now that you have several cars. We also found that insurance companies Allstate, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide and USAA offered discounts for several vehicles; however, insurers didn't specify how much. Auto insurance companies have worked to facilitate the process of getting quotes online, especially for several vehicles.

We compared the rates of the major auto insurance companies and found that the best discount came from Geico, which offers savings of up to 25% when insuring multiple vehicles with them.