Are there any additional fees associated with transferring my policy to another state or city with my geico car insurance company?

If you stay with your current company, your policy rates and coverage may change depending on the minimum insurance required by your new state. Once you've taken a few days to get settled in your new home, you should begin the process of buying a new car insurance policy. If you decide to change your insurance company, you can cancel your current intermediate car insurance policy. In addition to getting a quote from your current insurance company, you should compare the quotes of two or three additional companies to find the cheapest car insurance.

You should start by calling your current insurance company to see if it offers car insurance in your new state. The grace periods for driver's license and registration and the minimum car insurance requirements are based on the regulations listed on the state Department of Motor Vehicles websites. Make sure you don't cancel your old policy until your new car insurance coverage starts working to avoid an interruption in coverage, which could result in higher penalties and rates. You may not have to change insurance companies if your current insurance company offers coverage in your new state.